Imagine stoping, taking a breath, and setting aside the time necessary reconsider everything you do? Taking a few days, or a week, or a month, and doing nothing but critically assessing the biggest challenges you face. And then committing to bringing the full force of your creativity to bear on finding better ways to solve those problems.

To some lawyers, such an exercise is ridiculous. Indeed, to the lawyers who work within the System, reimagination is unnecessary. When one is protected by convention, tradition, and “the way things are done,” innovation may well be a useless luxury.

But to those of us who fight the system, it is an absolute necessity.

Because battling Goliath isn’t for the lazy or uncreative.

The simple fact is that the systems that help corporations and governments consolidate power are constantly evolving. And so must we.

That’s what we are doing now. Reassessing, reevaluating, and recreating. Reinvisioning a system that actually works for People. And finding new ways to make it a reality: Better, more creative ways to tell our clients’ stories; enhanced strategies to ruthlessly advance our clients’ cases; and evolved action to change the landscape of the institutions that govern us all.

We will be back. Soon. With new ideas and new technologies powered by the same old piss-and-vinegar that drives us to constantly