welcome to the revolution.  

An underfunded and overextended legal system, crumbling under its own weight after decades of undue influence by corporations and special interests.  Elected officials with historically low approval ratings passing laws under the cover of darkness that erase rights and liberties guaranteed by our Constitution.  Racial division between overmatched and undertrained police officers and the populations they are sworn to protect.  

Billion-dollar bailouts for big banks.  Public school funding tied to test scores.  Private prisons that profit from human suffering.

None of us asked for this.  This is not the America any of us wanted for our children.  But it is the America that was created when we stopped paying attention.

Our country is crying out for people to stand up and fight.  To hold accountable those whose only loyalty is to themselves, and who abuse their substantial power regularly in a zero-sum effort to maintain it.  

The call is not going unanswered.  Citizens are taking to the streets -- literally and figuratively -- to make clear to those in power that the People will not stand by as their country is hijacked from them.  

The People's Law Firm is proud to join the fight.  We are committed to bringing the Cause into our nation's courtrooms, affording juries (the last vestige of our government still consisting of real people) with the opportunity to hold the powerful accountable.