The People's Law Firm launched  January 5, 2015 with a modest goal:  to defend the constitutional rights and basic freedoms of real people against governmental and corporate interests.  It was the vision of Steve Benedetto -- an ordinary lawyer who made the uncommon decision to leave a successful law firm behind to forge a new path.

Steve Benedetto

Steve Benedetto did nothing special before he became a full-time practicing lawyer in 2004.  He went from high school to college and from college to law school.  He got good enough grades to have opportunities to make a lot of money.  And he jumped at them.  

Accordingly, it was years before Steve did anything special after getting his law license.   For the first five years of his career he practiced at large corporate law firms.  He defended railroads from claims brought by injured employees; healthcare companies from medical negligence actions; white collar executives against fraud and embezzlement allegations; and multinational corporations in an assortment of commercial disputes.  

In 2009, Steve left corporate practice to create a new kind of law firm.  He spent five years representing real people against criminal charges, and prosecuting civil claims on behalf of people injured by others recklessness -- partnering with John Torgenson to build one of the fastest growing personal injury law firms in the State.  The manifestation of two friends' dream to redefine the way a law firm can be run, Benedetto Torgenson afforded Steve the opportunity to represent real people for the first time in his career.  The work opened his eyes to the degree to which human rights were being trampled on every day by governments and corporations -- and how powerless people felt to stop it.  

The People's Law Firm was the natural continuation of this career progression.   

In addition to running The People's Law Firm, Steve runs The People's Law Blog -- a blog dedicated to discussing current events implicating constitutional and basic human rights.  Steve is also the creator of SHLDR, an App that provides real-time roadside legal information to those being investigated by police, as well as, a public education website that equips citizens with the information and tools they need as they progress through Arizona's DUI system.