because the constitution doesn't have its own fists. 

Some beliefs are flimsy.  Less opinions than loosely formed ideas.  Things we don't know for sure, but that seem logical and that we don't really care to research and confirm for certain.  

Then there are the kinds of beliefs that are concrete and firm.  The ones forged in titanium steel.  These are the beliefs we cling to zealously; the ones that form our very existence.  Convictions that, if seriously challenged, we will bleed for.

America was founded on the second kind.  

The Founders didn't just believe in personal freedom just a little bit.  It was etched into their souls.  Men of privilege, they risked their lives to bring to life a totally radical idea:  that all men were born free, and that government exists to protect the rights of citizens . . . not to control and parent them.  This belief was memorialized in a paradigm-obliterating document called the Bill of Rights.  

As the country evolved so evolved the law, expanding protection to those men and women ignored by the original draft.  These freedoms have formed the foundation of our country ever since.  The citizenry holds these ideals so dear that we send their sons and daughters off to war to risk their lives in their defense.  This ultimate sacrifice should reinforce government's role as protecting these personal freedoms.  Yet, exactly the opposite is happening:  Since 2000, our government has done more to deprive American citizens of their rights than in any other 15-year period of American history.     

A movement is now emerging to disrupt this trend.  It started on social media.  It expanded to the streets, in Zuccotti Park and Madison and Ferguson.  The American people are awakening to decades of exploitation.  And we're finally saying "it stops here."  The People are taking to the streets to ensure that the world hears their message that Freedom Matters.  Scores of courageous lawyers in this country bringing this fight into Courtrooms.  The People's Law Firm is honored to join their ranks.