The Best in the Business Hands Down

I was thankful enough to have the pleasure of being able to sit down and meet with Stephen Benedetto after being assaulted at a club in old town Scottsdale and being unlawfully arrested while sustaining broken bones. I was very upset at what had transpired and knew I was in for a battle going up against a multi million dollar club.

My first impression of Stephen was that he was kind and trust worthy I also noticed very quickly how knowledgeable he was at his job and the laws specifically in connection with my case. He fought day in and day out for close to a year to make sure I was taken care of in a way I would feel best with not just to put some money into his firms pocket I am and always will be grateful for everything he did for me and not only consider him a great lawyer but an even better friend. I hope anyone needing any kind of legal action will take the time and meet with him because he will get the job done for you and its a simple as that. I did win my case and wouldnt have without his assistance.


Honest, Hardworking, and Extremely Loyal Attorney

He's been my trusted counsel for a couple of years now, and I've never doubted his integrity or determination.


Peace of Mind

Steve has truly been a life saver. The legal process can be scary, especially when your freedom is at stake. Steve not only gave me confidence in him as someone who knows the law, but he was comforting to me just a person who was concerned about my well being. He didn't just ask questions about my case he asked how I was feeling always made sure to take those feelings into account. I have used Steve on two separate occasions and would refer him to family and friends without hesitation. He is thorough, timely, communicative, empathetic and trustworthy. He gave me back my peace of mind during a scary, tumultuous time in my life. I am truly thankful for Steve and The People's Law Firm.


The Best Lawyer You Could Ever Hire

Steve was recommended to me by a friend five years ago. I would never have imagined what a blessing he has come to be in my life to this day. Not only did he do an amazing job with my case, I know that he is always there for me when I need him. In the middle of my case I went through something very tragic and lost the closest person to me in my life. The last thing I wanted to deal with was the charges I had. Steve made it as easy on me as possible and truly cared about what I was going through.

All of my charges were dropped and the other one was reduced to a misdemeanor. I was very happy with the outcome of my case and I could not praise Steve enough, not only for everything he did as an outstanding lawyer, but also the kind of person he is. He has done so much for me, above and beyond, what anyone else would do. He is a truly good, kind and compassionate man. He fights for what is right and cares so much about everyone. He has been just a phone call or text away for me for five years now and has helped with some major things in my life. He has listened to me when I have been scared, pissed off, upset, happy or just had a random question. He has worked with me through my obstacles and problems and always managed to make me feel better and give me really good advice no matter what I was dealing with. He has never let me down and everything I have ever come to him with has had a great outcome. He's been there for me through big huge deals and the little things.

Steve is definitely one of a kind and someone you want fighting for you. People tell me all the time that they don't know how I've had the strength to make it through everything that's happened to me but amazing people like Steve (and there are not a whole lot of them) are a very big part of it. I honestly could go on and on but, if you want a lawyer with an abundance of great experience that is extraordinarily professional, intelligent, understanding, and compassionate, that will always communicate with you when you need him, is always on top of everything and one step ahead and someone that you can build a solid, trusting long term relationship with as well as knowing that he truly cares so much, Steve is the best lawyer you could possibly ever have the honor of hiring.



Steve was my lawyer on a case and the outcome was way beyond my expectations -- truly amazing lawyer who delivered amazing results. Besides being a super-nice guy, he is very responsive, very patient, and knows everything there is to know about the law. He is truly passionate and is someone you want to have on your side when you need a lawyer. If I or anyone on my family ever needs a lawyer again, we will definitely look for Steve.


Great person, amazing lawyer

I had an issue with a cop arresting me in my home In front of my children, and charging me with with lying to an officer, a misdemeanor . But I knew it was wrong and my rights were violated, I searched and searched for a lawyer to help me fight this and I just couldn't find one who wanted to take this on because it was small or they wanted to charge me an arm and a leg. Then I met Stephen, he said everything I believed and knew, it wasn't right for that cop to come in and do that, he was willing to fight for me and my children and 9 months later we went to trial and like he said he fought for me and we fought together, and we won! The judge was tough but Stephen didn't back down from protecting my name and fighting for my rights. If you need a lawyer and some one you can trust in, call Stephen, his law firm is the best.


The BEST of the BEST!!!!!

I can't say enough great things about Steve Benedetto. After speaking with countless attorney's and getting disappointed by their responses Steve was able to see what most others couldn't. He is one of the most brightness, intelligent and outgoing people I have become to know. I was truly blessed to cross his path 2 weeks before my trial date. In 2 weeks he was able to turn my 2nd agg felony DUI case from a possible 4-6 years in prison to an endangerment plea with no points on my driving record, no fine, and when all said and done left the court with a misdemeanor. Thank you Steve me and my family are very thankful to have had you on our side!!


Best in Arizona

Steve represented me and my family in a difficult civil case.I cannot express the lengths that Steve went to represent us with integrity and distinction. He is not only an awesome attorney, he is a good man who will fight for you and what he believes in.Highly recommend.


Excellent Representation

Steve is a exceptional attorney who knows how to solve complex issues for clients who may not know where to turn for legal counsel. When I needed a resolution to a complex and unusual dispute, he went the extra mile to make sure my interests were protected and all related issues were settled. Steve is professional, tenacious, responsive, and highly knowledgeable. Most importantly, he is down-to-earth, approachable and sincerely cares about his clients.I was very satisfied with the legal services he provided, and I would not hesitate to contact him if the need should ever arise.



I cannot say enough about what an exceptional attorney Steve Benedetto is. He was easily accessible, always had time for my questions and took the time to be sure I understood the process. He always laid out all the options and ensured the plan was acceptable to me. Steve was creative in his approach and interactions with the court. His hard work and thorough approach earned him a successful result. I give my highest recommendation to Steve.



Steve is intelligent, relevant, diligent. His staff is very capable and experienced as well as very loyal to his passion for his clients.


From a thoroughly impressed and appreciative client

After receiving a citation that I felt could potentially damage my future, I was recommended Stephen as a lawyer. At the time, I was so distraught that I didn’t expect much to come of it, but I felt it was better to try, than to throw up the white flag.

Steve was great. He kept me informed through the whole process via email, phone, and even text when I wasn’t available. He was always realistic with me and never gave me false hopes, which I was extraordinarily impressed with.

To make a long case short, my charges were dropped as a result of Steve’s work. I felt like he always kept me at the top of his priority list and couldn’t be happier with the results.

I would recommend Stephen Benedetto to anyone in need of a criminal attorney. He exceeded all of my expectations and hopes, and I couldn’t be more grateful.


Although I Was Steve's Partner's Client ...

I felt the need to give Steve Benedetto this review because he was my initial contact with the firm. It must be said... I was an emotional wreck and honestly I feared he would be like every other attorney I had explained my situation to and been turned away. Without going into detail I can only assume that 'those other' lawyers simply were NOT good enough to take on a medical facility and their fancy pants representation.

Steve not only listened to me but actually calmed me down to where I could speak to him without hyperventilating. He promised me his partner would be in touch with me to discuss my case. I can admit, I didn't want him to hang up as soo many times before I had been promised call backs and they never came through.

Literally within 2 hours I was on a conference call with Steve & John. I didn't feel like I was talking to attorneys at all. I'm not at all a trustworthy person, I always EXPECT to be let down & I DO NOT give unmerited compliments. Had Steve not been so easy to talk to when I made initial contact, I would never have been so lucky to have his partner John fighting for what is RIGHT!

My case was not at all "The Lottery"

They took my case because what happened was wrong. Soley to prevent it from happening to another family .... Who does that? THESE GUYS, THAT'S WHO!

Thanks Steve! For listening to me cry, for calming me down, for being true to doing the right thing & for putting me in touch with my B~A lawyer John! Who is literally (excuse my verbiage) kicking the bad guys in the taco as we speak! Sorry, I had to say it =]


Couldn't Have Chosen a Better Lawyer

After interviewing many lawyers, I could not have chosen a better lawyer, he showed us competent, and compassion, and most of all truthfulness.


Campaign Saved

One of my opponents in the 2010 primary election challenged the signatures on my nominating petition and my eligibility to run in a partisan race. If I were to have lost this case, my name would not have appeared on the ballot! Basically, my campaign came to a complete halt.

I was surprised at how quickly Stephen did the research and put together a strategy. Within a day, he gave me his assessment and I felt confident that we would win. At a time when I was overwhelmed with the demands of the campaign, I felt like I had a powerful ally on my side. Since the ballots were to be printed in less than a week or so, Stephen successfully got the court to hear the case within a few days. There are always risks in court, but I felt confident and Stephen easily won this case...the complaint was completely dismissed and I was able to immediately resume my campaign. I would not hesitate to hire Stephen again and I most strongly recommend him.

-John A.