PURPOSE. It defines us. We are not mercenaries, defined by compensation. We are evangelicals, defined by conviction. Our cathedral is the courtroom, our pulpit the jury box, our scripture the Bill of Rights. We leave intellectualizing to the scholars in tweed jackets and semantics to the corporate lawyers. Freedom and equality are our religion, and we defend them with the fervor of crusaders.

PASSION. It drives us. It keeps us up writing at 2 a.m., foregoing the pillow for another pot of coffee. It thrusts us headfirst into the fight instead of sprinting for safety. It compels us up the mountain, step-after-step, even though hell's fire burns in our hamstrings, our lungs scream for air, and the voice in our head tries to negotiate our return to the sofa. It has no pause button, no off switch. It has only a single setting: Full Speed Ahead.

INTEGRITY. It is our compass, always pointing to true north. Sales and spin have no place in our world. We leave politics to the politicians and diplomacy to the diplomats. We simply do what we say we are going to do. And, when we don't we own it and we fix it.

CURIOSITY. It is our fuel. It refuses to allow us to accept having never sought a better way. It prevents us from fleeing the darkness, sending us diving into it face-first. Because while we are as frightened by the unknown as anyone, we know that nothing great has ever been accomplished from within one's comfort zone.

COURAGE. It supports us, emboldens us, and keeps us moving forward. It is our insurance against our insecurities. For while we know that our efforts invite judgment, ridicule, and condemnation from a mainstream obsessed with material delights, it reminds us that these are fleeting...and that the only stone-cold certainty in life is that there is no burden heavier than having been too scared to try.

DISOBEDIENCE. It roots us. They can take their bribes of gold stars. We'll take justice, and equality, and opportunity. And the only path towards those objectives is by telling them what we think of their rules.

Dear Establishment: We were the sleeping giant that was more than content to continue snoozing. But we've been pushed too far. We're out of bed, we haven't had our coffee yet, and we're pissed off.

We are the People. And now you will have to deal with us.

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